Aquatics Pro Mentioned in Full View Aquarium Journal on

Aquatics Pro Mentioned in Full View Aquarium Journal on

Aquatics Pro Mentioned on in Full View Aquarium Journal РThanks for the Shout Out TheEasterBunny!

Lifegard Aquatics Full View Aquariums give aquarists a better view of the inside of their tank and are available in five (5) and seven (7) gallon sizes. Full View Aquariums can be purchased standalone or as complete all-in-one kits that include filtration and lighting components as well as a return pump, heater, and maintenance accessories.
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TheEasterBunny’s Fullview 7G – Aquarium Journals – Community


Original Post

Hey Guys! Look what I got!
Decided to do a thread about the process as they’re pretty new and I’m sure at least some of you are curious. I jumped on it as soon as I saw it. We’ll see how it goes… I got mine from, they were really nice and got me straightened out.



Update July 31

Thoughts So Far:
-Tank is cute, when viewing the full tank in person at eye level there’s a weird illusion that the bottom of the tank is tilted upwards, I enjoy it. I’m not sure if it’s because I have starboard at the bottom though.
-I’m probably going to change this pump out for something stronger in the next few days
-I think I’m going to build myself a little media basket of some sorts as it just comes with a section for ceramic media / bioballs / sponges. Not a big fan of sponges, which is another reason I want to change the pump out. They have it sitting on a sponge with makes it quiet and all but they get gross.
-The back chambers feel roomy in comparison to the size of the tank, I don’t feel like there’s any issues getting back there

All in all it’s a nice little tank with a unique shape and as of now I’d recommend it if you want something different. I think it’ll be great after some modifications, just like any other All in One tbh. If I were going to buy it again I’d probably buy it with the back chambers installed but empty and just start with all my own stuff back there as that’s going to be the case anyways.

As for other additions – I’ll be putting my MP-10 on here, and I ordered the new AquaMaxx Prism out of curiosity and lack of reviews. I decided to let this be an experimental thread as this is a tank I’m just having fun with. We’ll see how it goes.


Update August 5

annnnd….we have life! The current tenants. Orange Spotted Filefish I had for a few days short of a month in my 32G BC. They’re weaned and eat well/competitively but I put them here to get them eating as much of a variety as possible before I move them to the 180 I’m working on. Ideally this tank will ultimately just contain my pair of Biota Mandarins.

I threw some rock from my other tank in the back before I put these guys in and upgraded to the MJ600, there is a trio of snails in there as well.


Update August 8

Lights installed, shows up more blue in video/pics, I’m sure you guys know the struggle.
Just a quick video after I threw a little of an Ova blend in.

I’m starting to think about coral…..¬†:rolleyes:

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