Lifegard Full View Aquariums Offer a New Perspective

Leading the charge, Lifegard has introduced a complete “all-in-one” platform for the Full View aquariums, which they refer to as “with back filter.” Describing this configuration, Lifegard says, “This modern-designed aquarium comes complete with all the necessary mechanical filtration, carbon filtration, full-spectrum LED lighting, Quiet One 400 Pump, Integrated CO2 / O2 dispensing capability, water level control with waterfall, Bio Media, aquarium pad, and flex water flow required for a healthy ecosystem.” In short, when you purchase the “complete” version of this aquarium, you truly have everything you need, all pre-packaged to work together, which takes all the guesswork out of the equation.For aquarists who like the built-in filtration design, but would rather choose their own lighting and heating solutions and already have basic maintenance equipment, a scaled-back kit is also available.Internal Filter ConfigurationFor those who require less on the filtration front, Lifegard also offers their Full View Aquariums as kits without the built-in filtration system, instead featuring the 137 GPH LIFEGARD® Submersible Nano Filter and their LED lighting system.Just the AquariumAnd if you really love the shape and size of the Full View Aquariums, but want to take over total customization of the life-support equipment, Lifegard will even sell you just the glass tank! A quick call into LIFEGARD confirmed that these aquariums can be drilled (they’re not tempered glass), although the customer service rep suggested that “it’s pretty risky, since they’re already assembled, but yes, they can be drilled with the proper equipment.” So, if you wanted to drill one of these unique glass aquariums for an external filtration system, you could.

Source: Lifegard Full View Aquariums Offer a New Perspective